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Hi all- I've only been working on the floor as an RN for a month and a half and I am already at the point of feeling stressed out, burnt out and disappointed.... Note: I had a big long... Read More

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    Hi Rachel2004RN, I had to look to make sure I hadn't written this question. I graduated in 2006 passed boards 2007. I too am feeling disappointed. I see so many other nurses who have found their "niche" and I am waiting to see when I will find mine. I have had the fortune to work with some nice women overall but I really don't feel comfortable with the 1:7-8 patient ratios. I worked very hard to get my license and don't want anything to jeopardize that. What I have been told is that I have to keep looking...but to me how many positions do I need to have to find where I belong? It has been suggested to ask to shadow in different departments. I think that may be the start of at least having an idea of what one will be getting themselves into. Good Luck
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    To Hellllo nurse i read a comment with advice you suggested to a new working rn. You recommended she get out of the hospital since it seems very overwhelming for her. Where would be a nice low stress place to start as a new graduate?
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    Quote from enlightenedprincess
    To Hellllo nurse i read a comment with advice you suggested to a new working rn. You recommended she get out of the hospital since it seems very overwhelming for her. Where would be a nice low stress place to start as a new graduate?
    Low Stress? I cant think of any New Grad Nurse who thinks her job of taking care of other peoples lives is low stress!

    Doctors Office is the only "low stress" one I can think of, but even that has challenges, challenge of the person going cardiac on you when they are just there for a diabetes check.
    Challenge of standing there while the doctor is daignosing someone with cancer.

    Wait, scratch that.
    Doctors office is out.

    School Nurse?
    Nope, giving medications to kids in school , and having them challenge you on the meds, refuse the meds, or tell mom & dad it was the wrong meds...
    Same with camp nurse.

    LTC? nope... thats my forte' ...We run codes, hospice, long term and short term care as well as nursing rehabilitation, and post surgical care. Oh, Im also the Fire marshall of my unit.

    Anyone out there have a low stress Nursing Job involved in direct patient care?
    What you need to do is think of what you like to do. Then try to get a job doing it.
    But if you cant, I recommend getting a job in the setting you like. Only you can decide if something is stressful or not.

    I wouldnt trade the LTC I work in.
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    Holy cow, this is an old thread. Should we break out the crash cart and put it on life support? Or let it die peacefully with morphine? ;0)

    Anyway, nursing is stressful, and life is stressful. "Getting out of the hospital" won't cut it. Finding your niche might help, but everyone is different.

    I can't offer any advice, except to say make sure your BS meter is calibrated and have a set limit for the amount of BS you will accept during your search...
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    nursing destroys your soul

    Have a plan B

    Thats my advice
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    Since the OP has not visited these forums since 2005, perhaps she's found her niche or implemented a 'plan B.' Good luck to her!
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    Hi New RN,

    Young nurses are the most vulnerable to burnout. Maybe you can work with a mentor. Or you could find a colleague willing to give you some tips to make the job easier.

    Nurses who survive have learned good coping skills and know how to deal with emotional stress. Check if your organization has an EAP program or start looking for a therapist who specializes in building emotional competence.

    The best to you whichever direction you choose. If you stick with nursing, dealing effectively with your emotions is the most important key to your success.
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    Blast from the past. The main problem with nursing is the leadership. The nurse administrator at my hopital think orthopedic patients are not difficult and one CNA and 2 RN can handle 13 post surgical patients, no problem. She also thinks the "comfort theory" and hourly rounding that will make the world one big happy place. And she says we just need to plan our time better, and having 7 post surgical patients is not the problem. Hey- she's the leader and passed all the nursing leadership courses, so I guess she knows how to lead.