Interview questions for Rancho Los Amigos Rehab center

  1. 0 Hello,everyone.
    I'm going to interview with Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilition center.Now I'm very nervous.
    I'm really really want to this job. But,I don't know what to do.Because of my first job interview.
    Please,could you tell me interview questions for Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilition center in california?
    I'd like to speak with confidence when I have interview.
    I can't have food and can't sleep all
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    I have no advice for you, but I still wanted to wish you the very best of luck in getting this job. The interviewer might ask you about a personal weakness and the manner in which you compensate for it. Being a new grad might be the weakness, and being a quick learner with an open mind might be the manner in which you compensate for the weakness of inexperience.
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    You might want to ask about the neuro assessment tool that is named after their place. When I saw the title of this thread it rang a bell because this was on the CRRN exam. It is just an interesting little piece of trivia if you run out of questions to ask. It will look like you did some research. In reality, I dont know anyone who uses this scale. After the test, I forgot what it was.
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    Thank you.I will consider your good advice.Anyone else?
    I'm waiting for another advice.
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    Hi- I was wondering how your interview went. I have an interview scheduled for an LVN position and I too am nervous. This will be my first nursing interview. Any info you may have will help alot! Thanks!!
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    Hi,valaxie.I have an interview scheduled on Dec,4.I think interview processing is
    terrible slow.I wish you pass the interview.Good luck to you!!
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    Hi! How did your interview go? Hope it went well!
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    hi! For those of you who had an interview long did it take for rancho los amigos to contact you after you sent in your resume?? thanks

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