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    I have worked at a Healthsouth for 3 years now. I love my patients!! The only draw back that I have to the job is the other staff members. Most of the staff where I work tend to be rude and don't wanna help you but expect you to help them when they need it. I know that it is like that at other places but this is the worst I have ever seen it. The other draw back I have is that there is a lack of communication between all the disciplines. Nursing does seem to be at the bottom of the chain where I work but we are the only dept that is 24 hours all other depts are gone by 6pm. Nursing does also tend to get shortages at times too which does make patient care harder but you just do what you can and keep going. What helps to get me through each day there is knowing that I am doing all I can to help my patients reach their goal to get back home. I would not trade my job for anything in the world (just the people I work with lol) Over all what I am saying is that Healthsouth is a great place to work if you are there for your patients and not other reasons.

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    What HealthSouth do you work at Bonjovi RN?

    Which one do you work at???
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    I graduated in August and got a job at Healthsouth. On my second day of orientation I had two patients all on my own and nobody wanted to help me out. I was stuck lifting and moving my two patients by myself and providing all the care for them. I feel as though I didn't know enough after just one day with a nurse to be on my own. I barely knew where anything was or the procedures that needed to take place throughout the day. I think that they should orientate you longer with a nurse before just throwing you out there the second day of working. Granted its a good way to learn, but not for a new grad that's never worked in the health care field before.
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    I started at Healthsouth in August as well. Received 6 weeks of training with the same preceptor. I am a new grad, so this helped tremendously. I was also allowed more orientation time if I felt it was needed. I felt ready after the 6 weeks to be on my own and have had plenty of support from other nursing personnel. It has been a great experience so far, but from what I hear it wasn't this way in the past. There have been recent changes with the new DON that have had a positive effect on our facility.
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    I started at HS in Oct as a new grad and I wouldn't call what I had orientation. The first week they used me as a sitter, the next week I had six patients then eight the next week, then 10-11 ever since. Every night was paired with a different nurse that had 6-8 patients themselves. They were going through a transistion phase at this point from 8 hr shifts to 12 hour shifts so things were a little crazy for everyone learning new responsibilities that they didn't have to do om their old shifts.

    That being said, I am a hands on, get in the deep end, and get going kind of person and felt 6 patients was acceptable usually and had no issue assessing, passing meds, wound care, charting, and ADLs. When that increased to 8 then 11 patients well that's another story.

    With 11 patients med pass can be crazy with meds scheduled from 1900-2200 (most are 2000 and 2100) in a 90 bed facility with 4 Pyxis systems (different wings), 9 nurses all wanting in the Pyxis at the same time, having to go between different Pyxis' to get some meds not stocked in every one, or having to override every med for patients that came in after the pharmicist left for the day.

    I know I am new and getting great experience, and most of the people I work with are welcoming and wonderful people. I knew when I took the position that it was temporary for me, to get experience. HS is a nice place to work but can be overwhlelming especially depending on acuity of patients. I work with CVA, TBI, renal, MVA, general debility, etc... with varying degrees of acuity and comorbidities.

    I appreciate the opportunity HS has given me, all my coworkers that have helped and continue to help me out when I need it, and enjoy the majority of my patients. It is very rewarding seeing someone at admit who can't help themselves many times or are A&Ox1-2 and seeing them leave in much better condition and them being greatful for all the help and care I have provided.
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    I am in the process of finishing up my degree and was considering applying to HealthSouth. I was wondering what your experience has been there since you started 3 years ago. Also do you know what there starting salary for new grads is and if there is a differential for a bsn? Any info you can provide would be a big help in making my decision, thank you!

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