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Hi, my name is Laura Jones. I am a RN pursuing my BSN through University of South Alabama. I am working on one of my final projects for my degree and would appreciate your help. I am to have a... Read More

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    I was reading everyones post and am shocked to see how many people still use RESTRAINTS!!! I believe they just make the situation worse. I work in a rehab with TBI (traumatic brain injuries) spinal cords, strokes, ortho. We have NO restraints. Its a 89 bed facility and we average about 5 falls a month at the most. We use a sign outside the door that says LAMP(look at me please), we use low beds, floor mats, some rooms are monitored by cameras, call light in reach, fall risk assessment done every week, the pt.s use non skid socks, we have cradel beds. Im not trying to say what works best but i notice when i worked at the trauma center and they restrained pts it just made them madder. What ever happened to pts rights????

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