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I am sitting for the CRRN next week and wondering if anyone out there has tested in the last few years? The only CRRN I know took it about 6 years ago. If so how long did it take? Any suggestions... Read More

  1. by   ludoo00
    taking the exam in December and just started reviewing with pearlsreview. Any suggestion?? What book/method did you use? Thanks in advance for the reply.
  2. by   yoginurse2b
    Ludoo, what do you think of the pearlsreview? Does it really help you?
  3. by   ludoo00
    Pearls review's study material isn't exactly what people over here say the exam is about. I still haven't found any study guide except CRRN Exam Secrets Study Guide, which has very bad reviews. Anyway, if anybody knows... I'd be interested in knowing the answer. Unfortunately, I cannot afford the $200 cd-rom from the Association Rehabilattion Nurses.
  4. by   sheebz
    I am getting ready to take the exam this June. I am so nervous and excited. What books do you recommend? And how do you receive your pass or fail score?
  5. by   musica
    I am also planning to take test next june.I am barely starting studying?After reading experiences of nurses,I think it is really hard test ..oh how am I going to pass???
  6. by   wmnn
    study tips i am taking the exam in two weeks