6 wks enough orientation for new nurse in acute rehab?

  1. 0 hey rehab nurses,

    I'm a new nurse (passed NCLEX 07/01/10) and will be starting my orientation in an acute rehab hospital on August 4th. My orientation will be 6 weeks long and my DON said she will allot me more time if i feel that is inadequate. My preceptor and good friend was oriented with this much time and said i'll be fine. What do you guys think? Is 6 weeks enough? I'm an LPN and start my last semester of RN school in the last few days of August so it would be great to just do 6 weeks and get on with it...if that's enough. I know it depends on the type of person you are and blah blah blah. i want to know how it was for you. i consider myself a fast learner so i'm going to see if 6 weeks will suffice....who knows though..i might change my mind when it gets close to time to throw me to the wolves. O yeah and i've worked at this hospital for the last year as a tech so i'm familiar with alot.


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    That sounds pretty good - especially if you know the systems & policies. Good luck!
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    6 weeks orientation? I was lucky to have 6 days on my first job as a RN in rehab. Enjoy the luxury!
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    My friend just got a job as a RN in acute rehab and she is getting 4 weeks, she is in a similar situation, was a tech before coming on as a RN. Good luck at your new job!
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    I got 4 weeks (12 shifts) for my M/S acute-care gig. Six weeks should be plenty for you.
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    thank you all for your replies! I'm so stoked! Wednesday is my first official day, but the nurses have been allowing me to do little things here and there
    what do you believe is the hardest things for a new rehab nurse to adjust to? I'm absolutely terrified of going to team conferences (every wednesday) because i hear the doctors tear the nurses to shreds if they ask questions. Any input? Thankyouberrymucho =D
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    Do you have a 'mentor' or preceptor who you can observe for a couple of the conferences before you're thrown to the wolves? I've been lucky and haven't had to deal with the nasty docs - we have a few really good ones, and the practice nurse is excellent to deal with, she feeds our info back and forth, though the physiatrists are approachable, too.
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    Quote from R.NICU
    I'm absolutely terrified of going to team conferences (every wednesday) because i hear the doctors tear the nurses to shreds if they ask questions.
    I mean this totally seriously: don't ask stupid questions (which I define as either inane, irrelevant, or those for which the answers are readily obtainable elsewhere). If you ask a logical question that pertains to the situation at hand then simply be prepared to respond to snarky comments with reasonable and rational follow-ups.
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    I got like 2.5days... Sink or Swim

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