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For those of you who did a bridge from RN to BSN, did you work while in school? Im super fortunate that I didnt really have to work during my ADN, (i am done in september) and Im wondering if... Read More

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    I did Chamberlain College of Nursing. I was very happy with the school and how things went. Everything was predictable...which was nice. I'm now in grad school at Drexel University (so you can get into grad school after a BSN with Chamberlain) and I miss the predictability of Chamberlain. Chamberlain was set up in a way where expectations for each class were very similar...due dates for discussion boards, the times things were due. Now I'm at Drexel and sometimes something is due on Friday or Saturday or Sunday and it may be noon or midnight or 8 pm. So ever class is very different with very different rules. I liked that Chamberlain was...predictable. It really helped plan my life while doing school and working and having a family.

    My husband is working on his RN and plans to do Chamberlain for his BSN and possibly his MSN too!
    Sounds like you had a really good experience! I also looked at chamberlain but I found through different links that I cannot attend the school because I live in Washington state. Too bad!! I am debating between wsu-Vancouver and UT-Arlington. Save about 6-7k going to UTA and they have no clinicals. Anyway sorry to ramble on and thanks for sharing your experience!!