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    never mind, I just get rude replies from people who think they know everything and have to have things written out and done the way they would do it. And by the way, i titled it like that so maybe, just maybe some one would be curious and look at it. Maybe my message was difficult, but thats why i posted it....I didnt have a clue as to what I was talking about and i would have liked someone to clearify it, not tell me how to write a thread. But thankyou for your time, although, it would be better asking me to clearify not to be ignorant!

    and no this wasnt my original THREAD, I editted and erased it after Wooden down there gave me a very rude reply/link on how to write and title a thread, rather than answering my questions on what type of degree to have and where it places you.
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    It's impossible to tell what you're looking for from the title and very difficult from the message. I think this thread will help you find what it is you want to know:
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    This thread will be closed. I hope all is well.

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