What is the difference in the pay between Rn with AS or BS

  1. im going to college pretty soon and im attending a community college...im not planning to get my rn there, but i just want to know the differences between getting a rn with as and bs...general and money wise...my plan is just to finish community as soon as possible than transfer over to a state college and start my career there..i know going straight to a state college is better, but life isn't fair..transportating, money, etc...
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    I'm sure it varies among institutions, but speaking from my personal experience generally BS grads will have the potential to make more. I just finished a BSN program and the position I accepted is paying me the same as a AS grad. to start. When I questioned this, they said in a few years my salary would increase because I have a bachelor's degree where as someone with an associates would not be able to advance in pay at the rate of someone with a BS.
    Also, don't knock going to a community college to get your preqs. and gen. eds. out of the way. Why pay more money to take the same class at a four year school? I did the same thing you are planning to do in relation to transferring and I have had no regrets and i saved cash. Best of luck to you!
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    Hi. Welcome to Allnurses.

    There are many discussions on the advantages and disantages of ADN vs. BSN here.

    Check this thread out: http://allnurses.com/forums/f283/adn...rn-127175.html

    Most entry level RN positions pay the same, or a small differential for the BSN, so having an RN from a community college with an ADN degree will give you many opportunities to make good money. The facility I work for pays a 4% differential for the BSN. But ADNs can get differentials for being certified through the ACCN, being preceptors, and doing charge, so in many cases ADN RN's make more than BSNs if they are motivated.

    The pay advantages for the BSN come into play when several years later the nurse wants to move away from the bedside into other positions in leadership, education, drug reps, etc.

    But entry level positions being an ADN RN starts out on equal footing with the BSN RN.

    Good luck to you.

    I'm moving this thread to the forum where these things are discussed, and I encourage you to look at the other threads here, including the one above. Feel free to ask questions.
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    once i get my rn adn degree and i decide to move on with my education and do get a bsn will anything change...
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    Quote from blissful
    once i get my rn adn degree and i decide to move on with my education and do get a bsn will anything change...
    It depends on you. When I went ADN to BSN this past August, I immediately got a 4% raise, and nothing else changed. I got the BSN so that as I age in nursing, I'm going to have some other options. But if I wanted to now, I could move into BSN-required jobs. I was interested in a unit educator job but they just filled it, so I'm keeping my eyes open. I like my current position and owe this hospital time for tuituion reimbursement and loan forgiveness, so I'm in no hurry.