SO SO Lost. Any input is appreciated

  1. I graduated in Arizona in July of 2008 with my ADN. I immediately registered to take the NCLEX and had three months to test. However; after graduation I went out of the country with the intent to return within those three months; I did not. I ended up staying almost a year out of the country. I eventually returned and since then I have pursued other professional avenues. Recently I wanted to get back into nursing and have felt absolutely unaccomplished and a bit of a quitter to never have received my nursing licensure or to have ever taken the NCLEX. I need help on what avenues I can take. I don't feel like I can just study; especially after 4 1/2 years of graduating. I've done some research and found a few board certified refresher courses but only after one has passed the NCLEX and received their license.
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  3. by   Susie2310
    As it has been a few years since you graduated without taking the NCLEX in the three month time window, I would suggest contacting your state board of registered nursing, explaining your situation, and making sure of your eligibility to sit the NCLEX. There may possibly be some additional requirements you will need to fulfill before you can register again. If there are no problems with your sitting for the exam, there are NCLEX review courses that will probably be listed on your BON website. I believe the place to start is to contact your state board of nursing. Good luck.
  4. by   KelRN215
    According to this page on the AZ BON's website, you will at least have to take a refresher course:
  5. by   2008grdute
    Thank you susie2310 and kelRn215 for your feedback. I did some more research and re-visited a school that previously required a nursing license to take their refresher course. They did away with the stipulation of having a license and if Id like I can now take their refresher course. And yes kelRN215 according to AZ BON, a graduate that hasn't taken or passed their boards after two years must take a board certified refresher course. Thanks again; its appreciated.