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I am a new nurse and am struggling to find a job without further education and am hoping someone can help. I switched careers when I lost my job in 2009 and went back to receive my ADN RN in 2012. Since receiving my RN I have... Read More

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    Quote from auntiedebe
    The facility I used to work at (part of the Mayo System) and the hospitals in Anchorage are only hiring BSN's or higher. If you can relocate, try IHS facilities. Sometimes you do not even need to change your state license because of IHS. You can also get loan repayments!
    This is great advice.

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    Where did you go to school? What type of MSN? Thanks!
    Quote from rtx723

    I had my ADN in 2009 and MSN in 2012.
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    I have recently been laid off from m job because company relocated. I have been and RN since 2004. I am considering going to Troy University Rn to MSN Nurse Practioner option. I was wondering before I get completely enroll in this program, If anyone has completed this program or currently enrolled could share their experience, I can't find much online about it
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    hello, I recently graduated from an Entry Level MSN program. My BA was in something not related to nursing. I understand here in CA it can be challenging landing a job, but I felt with a MSN I might have an edge...not the case. My first interview the nurse manager straight out said she hates hiring MSN students because once we work for a year, we leave or get promoted. She said I would not be a good investment because there would be so much financial opportunities for me after I work one year, and I would just leave them which means she has to hire someone again. I told my classmate and he said same thing happened to him. With his interview they said a MSN student are not "equipped" to do bedside nursing. Just sharing my story. Luckily for me, I landed a job - only by networking.

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