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Well hello everyone.. I am 17 years old male and i will be a senior in highschool in a few months. I have a couple of questions about becoming an RN. I am aware that you can become an RN from a... Read More

  1. by   Tweety
    Here is an example of NCLEX questions:

    Yes, it is a hard exam.
  2. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from Jelet
    alright cool. thanks alot. Before coming to this forum i was thinking about becoming a CPA Accountant and if i didnt get accpeted into a 4 year college for that i was planning on becoming an rn at a cummunity college. but now i am debating to be an accountant or an rn lol. thanks for your help tweety. you really cleared alot of stuff on my mind
    *** Also some community colleges do not have pre-reqs and you can finish your associates degree in nursing and become an RN in two years. The community colleges in Wisconsin where I live are set up that way.
    ALso many community colleges have waiting lists for their nursing program. Usually university BSN do not have waiting list but admit on a competitive basis.
    Given your age I would recommend you first try to go to a university and get your BSN and have the whole college experience. If that doesn't work out you could go to the community college .
    As for making $60,000/year I think you will have no trouble at all. Maybe not the first year or two but after that sure. I make $72,000/year in my second year as an RN in rural Wisconsin working 3 12 shifts a week but I work every weekend so I make more than other nurses at my hospital.
  3. by   Jelet
    wait so if i go to a cummunity college, i ask if they have a nurseing program for an associates degree in registered nurse or w/e and then they say sure and if they only give me 2 years with out pre req, then i guess i wont need to take them? And when esactly should i start applying for these. Like should i start at this point now asking my local cummunity colleges to sign up for a nursing program by next year in the fall. And then i'll get my guidance teacher to help me with a university for nurseing.. And if i dont get into the university, ill at least have the cummunity college to go to.. Or wait can i do that? if i get accepted into the cummunity college program, could i tell them i change my mind (if i get accpeted into the 4 year?)
  4. by   Tweety
    You school guidance counselor or the college advisors should be able to tell you when to apply.

    When the person above stated "no pre-reqs", it doesn't mean you get out of taking them, but that they become "co-reqs" meaning you can take them along side your nursing courses rather than before. The school I went to was set up that way, but because I worked I took my time.

    Many people make applications to several colleges. That's o.k.
  5. by   Jelet
    wait what would i do if the college doesnt offer the prereq's? do i take it some where else. im a little confused lol
  6. by   Tweety
    Quote from Jelet
    wait what would i do if the college doesnt offer the prereq's? do i take it some where else. im a little confused lol
    Yes you do take them somewhere else. I've never heard of a nursing school that offers nursing but not the pre-reqs so I wouldn't worry about that.
  7. by   Cunorix
    Take both, Dual degrees look very good, and your horizons will be much wider. But it is much more work, and very demanding personally.

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