Online BSN programs for someone without a nursing background? Online BSN programs for someone without a nursing background? | allnurses

Online BSN programs for someone without a nursing background?

  1. 0 I am interested in attending an online BSN program; I don't have a background in nursing. I have heard of the University of Wisconsin at Osh Kosh's online BSN program and was wondering if there were any others.

    Thanks in advance...
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    I think that is the only one.
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    That's what I thought at first, but then the other day, I found out about Texas A&M's program as well as the University of Texas at Arlington's program. Apparently, they are both online and *may* accept students from outside of Texas depending on if there are any local hospitals that will allow students to undergo clinicals in their facility. Since I found out about those programs by accident (not via Google), I figured there might be at least a few more similar programs out there.
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    Are you sure these aren't RN to BSN bridge programs that you are seeing online?
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    I believe Western Governer's Univesity has such a program -- but it requires an arrangement between a local hospital (to provide clinical sites and preceptors) and the school.
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    Caveat emptor!!!

    No matter what the school tries to tell you, securing a clinical site for your clinical training may not be possible. The school usually does not offer much (if any) assistance so it is all up to the student. Hospitals don't want the hassle & liability of dealing with individual students, especially when one of their staff (to whom THEY are paying a salary) is expected to act as onsite faculty/ agent of the school. They (hospitals) are already awash in students and don't want or need any more. It's a big mess.

    When something seems too good to be true - it always is.
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    Thanks for the responses so far. I checked into Western Governor's program and emailed them, but unfortunately, I don't think I live in a state in which it would be possible to participate in clinical rotations for their program. If anyone knows of any other online BSN programs, please post them here.

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