New RN Looking for a good ADN to MSN program in Indiana or Illinois

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I just passed my boards this past December (praise God!!) I am wanting to continue my education, ultimately getting my Masters degree.

    So I wanted to know if you guys knew of any good ADN to MSN programs in either Illinois or Indiana? Preferably, mainly online. I know that you can't do the entire program online, but some programs in other states has the majority of the program online, and the rest has to be done on campus.

    I have done a lot of google searches and I keep coming up with Excelsior and Loyola. I'm looking for any other schools. I'd appreciate any and all info! Thanks guys!
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    Hi! I'm in the same boat! Looking for a good ADN to msn program... I'm from michigan and I'm looking into ferris state university.. It's all online, and is an accelerated program.... Don't know if this helps or not!? good luck!
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    Purdue Calumet has an online program. It's located in NW indiana.
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    Oops, I clearly didn't read well! Purdue's program is only RN to BSN.
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    Indiana University has an ASN-MSN program
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    This actually looks REALLY promising! Thank you for the info hon!! And best of luck to you as well! Oh...and what were you planning on majoring regards to your Masters? I want to be an NP, but not sure on a specialty yet.

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