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    I am a graduate from UC Irvine with a Bachelors in Psychology/Social Behavior. After working 3 years in marketing, I have decided to finally pursue my dream job as a nurse. Question is- how do I go about this. Do I need to take a whole other 4 year Bachelors program? I think CS Fullerton has an accelerated program, is this a good option? Any opinions on West Coast University? Just want to know tghat whatever I do, Ill come out with a degree that allows me the best opportunity in the job market

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  3. by   kimi5226
    Hello, What you need to do is see an admissions counsler to see which credits will transfer. Accelerated programs are good.
  4. by   Stormin'n
    I just finished an accelerated BSN program in 11 months, passed the nclex, and got two great job offers. I would recommend an accel program IF: you like to study and are willing to have no life for a year; you absorb info quickly; and your finances will stand it. Yes, you can work (several of my classmates did) but it will be tough. You might also consider a traditional program that takes 2 years to complete while transferring your credits. Make sure you have all the prerequisite courses complete prior to applying. I think getting accepted to a program is half the struggle.
  5. by   jarvic5
    Look into direct entry MSN programs. Why work on another bachelor's if you can graduate with a masters. Most CSUs, UCs, and private schools have these type of programs.
  6. by   HouTx
    Your choices may be affected by your GPA. Admissions are very competitive. WCU tuition is unbelievably high! Don't get suckered into paying 10X the tuition rate of traditional programs. Nursing is a hard slog - just getting through the educational process is daunting, and the work is much harder & much less "satisfying" than outsiders can imagine. Be sure to weigh all your options. If health care is what you want to do, there are many other health care professions with more pleasant working environments and much better career/salary prospects.
  7. by   -AO-
    Quickest option would be an accelerated BSN program (usually around 1 year). Otherwise, entry-level MSN programs may be good (~2.5 yrs) and may (not sure on this) give you a better shot at a job after you graduate. Good luck. I'm a fellow Anteater (graduated with a BS in Bio Sci in 2009).