1. I am on my way to become a clinical social worker. All the sudden, I thought of becoming a nurse after my msw and i want to find out how many ways there are avalible for me and esp. bsn is avalible as part time program...

    In the future, I want to do social work nurse.

    I need some advices that how I should consider it, how should I plan it and what I can do....

    well, when I graduate from msw, i will be 27...
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  3. by   elkpark
    There's no such thing as "social work nurse" -- they are two entirely separate disciplines (although, obviously, there is some overlap). What are you envisioning doing with the two separate educations and licensure (that would make it worth the time, effort, and expense to complete both courses of study)?
  4. by   yocho
    well, I want to help people in two ways, medically and socially... that's why I thought to profession may good for me. also in the future eventually public health.
    thank you for your reply
  5. by   marie manthey
    Actually, I think it is very doable and will give you strong career options. The post-baccaleaurate programs around the US can be complete in about one and a half years (after pre-reqs are met). Upon completion of the program you are eligible to take state boards and become a RN. At the U of Minnesota,this is actually taught at the master's level and you also earn a Master's in Nursing degree. Be sure to check this out. I think you will have a dynamite education for a great career.
  6. by   mystory
    Hello there. I have a similar story, became an RN after earning my MSW. I did the accelerated BSN post-baccalaureate route, and would recommend the same to expedite the process.

    There is a "Nurse Social Work Practitioner" program at USC..although there has been some criticism that it is not a recognized advanced practice specialty, aka scam alert.

    I went into mental health nursing, and am looking at combined psychiatric nurse practitioner + masters of public health programs here in nyc.

    There are lots of options out there, nursing is so broad and versatile that you will almost certainly find one that suits your interests. You will be in great shape, social work is an impeccable complement to nursing.

    All the best!
  7. by   yocho
    Thank you for all replies!!!
  8. by   yocho
    dear mystory,
    I would like to ask more questions to you about your path.
    is it okay to message you or e-mail you for further questions?

    thank you
  9. by   mystory
    Sure Yocho, shoot me a private message and I'll get back to ya!
  10. by   Amerae
    Hey there, could you guys show me what you two discussed? I see you private messaged. I'm just wondering because I'm about to enter into an MSW program this fall '12 and I was originally going to do an entry level masters in nursing last year...well I was going to continue taking pre-requisites and I did finish a CNA course so I can sit for the california state certification now if I want, but then I had a change of heart and found out about social work and also want to be a licensed clinical social worker. I love science and health and still find myself on the allnurses boards as you can see a part of me still is thinking "Well maybe after my MSW, I'll do an ADN", or "Should I just suck it up and realize that I shouldn't have stopped taking pre-requisites in nursing and go back to doing that since they pay-off will be quicker than doing an MSW first just to continue with an ADN later..." And to the comment way up there about how there's no such thing as "social work nurse", I'm pretty sure they meant basically "case management nursing" etc. because obviously there is such a thing as social work nursing and that's what case management is: Nursing + Case management. Just saying since it seemed silly to mention there's no such thing without clearly saying anything about CM nursing.
  11. by   StaceyRae
    I am actually in a similar position.. But in the other direction .. Lol... I have my BA in Psych from PSU, with a lot of sw experience.. Went back to school to get my RN.... Got bad advise and received my ASN .. When I could have got my BSN in the same amount of time.. NOW.. I want to ensure my job security... If I should ever move, I don't want to have to worry about my ASN not being competitive in the work force! Do I go for my MSN or BSN? It's the same amount of time ! Don't want to go for nurse practitioner... I'm 43 and love working with the patients? Any insight would be great !!