maintaining an RN license

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    could someone please explain to me exactly how an RN would go about maintaining their license if they were to work in a different career for awhile?

    An example would be an RN who decides to teach 5th grade children for 5 years or so. Even though they are not doing any nursing type work, could they keep their license simply through continuing education?
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    It depends on the state. Usually if you don't have any RN hours after a number of years, you have to take an RN refresher course. Any kind of nursing will keep you active, though; it doesn't have to be bedside nursing. Would the RN with the 5th graders be working as an elementary school teacher or as an RN teaching health?
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    You might also try to continue working as an RN in a prn status. It is sometimes difficult to re-enter the nursing workforce after a prolonged stretch of not nursing. You might want to do a search here because there have been several posts on this subject.