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lpn seeking to further education with general questions

  1. 0 Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to blog with me!!

    So I've passed my Boards!!! LOL!! I haven't even begin to work as a LPN, but I just know that I'll enjoy this field because I have a passion in caring for others, like I totally care about another person's emotional state! I know that I want to become a RN-BSN and possibly MSN, I've even considered PA!!! But lets face it, I'm 25 yo, married with 2 kids; boy 7yo, girl 3yo. It's been a tough road to get to where I am. I dropped out in the 11th grade due to family circumstances wnet to beauty school became a Licensed Cosmetologist, owned my own business very successful! Once I mastered this I wanted to further my education and see what else I could master.. This brought me to Nursing!! My Grandfather always knew I'd be a Nurse becasue he was a diabetic and my care for him at the age of I think 13ish came so naturally.. Administering insulin, taking blood glucose levels etc.. So he said it and it came to pass! My only concern is how do I go about continiuing this beautiful and blessed journey that God has allowed me to travel? I stared of at a Community College but moved to another state and started a Vocational College to just get my foot in the door bc I know that experiewnce is everything! ANd given my situation at the time this was the best choice I mean I do have bills and I don't see how I got through to actually graduating without having to work.. I kow that I can't afford this in continuing my education, not being able to work that is, so should I go with the program that I graduated from which is an awesome program that has RN-AA.. and just hope to bridge online to BSN.. or should I enroll in my local state college and start from scratch take it semester by semester and work as a LPN? FEEDBACK PLEASE!!
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    Be careful applying for local community college--as there's sometimes quite a lenghty waiting list for both the nursing program, as well as the clinicals. There are online options for taking general education courses. Edukan is a wonderful resource, which I learned about from another poster, that has online general education courses at a good price. If you are going to work as an LPN, you can take your time and master a couple of genreal education classes at a time as your schedule and budget sees fit. I also like Indiana State and their online LPN-BSN program, BUT general ed courses need to be completed first. Also, if you begin to work in a fauciity that has tution reimbusement, that is also helpful. If you are thinking PA, then I would also see about a local EMT program. You could do EMT B then EMT I, then Paramedic. I believe that one you become a Paramedic, you can then take a PA certification. Good luck with your endevours!!