I want to become an RN but im sooo confused with all these differences! | allnurses

I want to become an RN but im sooo confused with all these differences!

  1. 0 SO, I want to become an RN. My aunts do it, my grandmothers did it, nw I want to... only one problem... near san antonio it seems like EVERY PLACE says i have to already be an LPN or VN first!! I was always told i can go head long into the RN program if thats what I want to do...

    Is it maybe because I live in Texas or something?? This has been my dream since I was little, but there are so many different AAS's or other little terms.... its getting to be a hair pulling procedure. If yall know ANYTHING about getting into an RN program near san antonio Id really love to know...

    This is my first time being back to america in 9years, so im frustrated. >.< thank you!!!! i look forward to your help
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    Look for traditional nursing programs.

    A quick search for "San Antonio nursing schools" lead me to UT Health Science Center San Antonio and San Antonio College (Alamo Colleges). I looked at the admissions, and neither require you to be an LPN before entering the RN program. Like most schools, they probably offer an LPN-to-RN option.
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    Did you accidentally search bridge programs or something? You don't need to be an LPN before entering into an RN program.
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    There are Diploma, ADN, and BSN programs in San Antonio. Just take your prerequisites and apply, you don't need to be an LVN first.

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