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I want to do the ADN to MSN online program with Walden University, but how do I know if they are accepted/accredited for California? I've heard of some people doing their schooling only to find that... Read More

  1. by   fishchick72
    Quote from Tweety
    You already have your RN, so if you get your Masters anywhere in the country you're not going to have to go through the State of California when you're applying for jobs that require a Masters in California.

    The College Network is, like mentioned above a publishing house that gets persons started in any number of programs, colleges and universities. My ex-spouse used them, and eventually got his Masters In Health Care Adminsitration from Bellvue University in Omaha (online) and is working as an adminsitrator here in Florida. He did not have to go through the state of Florida when he applied for his job, he just applied to the company, they verified his Masters through references, and that was that, but it was a private affair between him and his employer.

    I think like the poster above what you're hearing is that the LPN to RN programs like Excelsior (of which some people go through the College Network and some don't) are not recognized in California, and those persons do have to go through the Calfironia BON to get a RN license to work in California.

    You're already licensed, and getting a masters isn't going to change that.

    Now it might be different if you were going for a NP, which is a licensed profession, but since Walden doesn't have a NP program that doesn't apply to you.

    Does that make more sense? Feel free to ask questions.

    Good luck!
    yes, that makes a lot of sense, thank you so much!!
  2. by   Tweety
    You're welcome.

    BTW, I'm starting Walden in January for MSN in Education. I'm dreading it but, need to get it done.