George Washington University ABSN Fall 2013

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    Hi, starting a thread for GWU ABSN Fall 2013 applicants. Has anyone applied? If so, have you heard anything from admissions?

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    Hi! I also applied for the program. I submitted my application at the beginning of the month but have not heard anything yet.
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    Good luck.
    I'm in the program right now.
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    I've also applied but haven't heard anything from admissions. NursingCAS also just calculated my GPA this afternoon. Have you guys submitted your FAFSA paperwork?
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    Mindylane - did you apply for any external scholarships or receive any assistance? Wondering what kind of options are available. Do you like the program thus far? Thank you!
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    Hi Nickriga,
    There were a few scholarships available for students that were essay-based or for minorities in nursing. I wrote an essay and was awarded some money towards school... it wasn't a whole lot, but basically paid for half a semester, so any little bit helps.

    I really enjoy the program a lot. I think the BEST thing about it, by far, is the professors. They absolutely, without any exception, want you do succeed and do anything to make sure you do. I know this was something I read as a criticism for other schools, so I feel so fortunate that the staff are so great. We have also gotten guest speakers and have fun projects.

    It's tough, but overall, I am really happy I chose GWU
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    I just got in!! Mindylane I'm glad you've had such a good experience!
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    Awesome, CONGRATS! They already sent out acceptance letters? How did you receive yours?!
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    They e-mailed me today!
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    Has anyone heard of Catholic University??

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