Entering Grad School With Subpar GPA

  1. Hey folks, long time no type. Well, I'm sad to admit that I have a less than stellar GPA from undergrad. I did fine, but I hardly ever studied and just did what I needed to in order to survive. Well, now I'm looking to enter my Grad program (Acute Care, Trauma, ER Nurse Practitioner MSN from University of Maryland) and that GPA is coming around to bite me in the rear.

    Don't get me wrong, I have a pretty killer application otherwise (I'm a Critical Care nurse in the Air Force, CCRN, great references, deploying to Afghanistan in a week, etc), but my grades are my low point.

    So, any experience with this? What did you do/can I do to get past this? When grad schools set minimums, are they rules or guidelines? I am looking to create a situation where I am all but impossible to turn down.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   HouTx
    Will you be able to offset your GPA with a stellar GRE result? See if this is a possibility, even if they will let you enter on provisional status until you can prove you have the academic 'chops' to be granted full status. Keep in mind that your level of clinical skills do not carry much weight in grad school - they are 'necessary but not sufficient' for admission. They need students who are able to manage the theoretical work as well, including churning out the numerous (APA style of course) research papers & thesis that will be required.

    Get to know an admissions advisor for your preferred program. S/he can help you achieve this goal. Best of Luck to you!!