Do your co-workers know if you are an ADN or BSN nurse? - page 2

do they know if you have an ADN or BSN?? do you think its important that they know... Read More

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    Quote from monkeybug
    My job requires a BSN, so they know just by virtue of me being there.
    So does mine, but I managed to slip through the cracks.
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    Yes, they knew. There were a myriad of ways for them to figure it out. I was a huge fan of my alma mater team , season ticket holder and booster, and that University doesn't award ASN degrees, so duh. Only BSNs could work up the clinical ladder, only BSNs could be in charge, etc. And then of course I worked several places that would never have hired an ADN, so we all knew that we were all BSNs at a minimum. And if there was any doubt, we could always read it one another's badges. There were several MSNs on staff, so we lowly BSNs didn't get too big for our britches, .
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    It is on our name tags. Most of the ADNs are in school for a BSN, myself included. But most of us don't care. Tbh, the LPNs where I work have been there forever and some of us have no issues asking their advice/opinions.
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    I work at a small critical access hospital (17 beds) and the majority of us are ADNs, which is obvious when we discuss where we went to school (CC vs. University). Our employer doesn't differentiate on our badges between adn/bsn/msn.

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