Can a RN work as a CNA?

  1. Several of my classmates who are graduating this June with me who are worried about not getting hired as an RN quickly enough. They are wondering if its possible to work as a CNA while they wait to be hired as a RN?
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  3. by   Stella_Blue
    I plan on working under my LPN until I can get hired as a RN. You can always call the BON and double check and make sure its ok, but CNA doesn't fall under the BON but they should be able to tell you either way . I just know the job Im at now will keep me until I get a RN job and my title here is LPN. So even if I do drop my LPN Ill just be working here as a RN but probably with my same pay as Im getting now which is fine until I can find a hospital job. So if anything your friends might just be really low paid RN's lol
  4. by   nurse4newlife
    In my state once you obtain a higher license you cannot practice beneath it.
  5. by   Stella_Blue
    I kept my CNA job until I found a LPN job which took me like 4 months
  6. by   salvadordolly
    Check the BON to see. I wouldn't do it anyway, because you are still held to the standards of a nurse even if you aren't working as one. Could bring up a lot of dilemmas.