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BSN VS Medical Technology

  1. 0 How do these two compete?? Ive heard a lot about jobs with nursing, is it any better with an associates in medical technology?? Do people with a degree in medical technology have a hard time finding a job and making a good career?
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    From what I've read you need a bachelors for medical technology, but I'm am not too familiar that field.
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    Medical Technology is the new catch-all for what we used to call Laboratory technology. It's a great field for anyone with a love of science. There are many different levels in the field, including graduate degrees. They work in a variety of settings - from forensic analysis to surgical suites and everything in between. Like every other career field, more education = more $, but also there are fewer jobs at the higher levels.

    Hint- if you aren't able to deal with microbiology or chemistry, this field is probably not for you.