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    How many opportunities are there for the BSN? WHAT EXACTLY CAN BE DONE WITH IT OTHER THAN CHARGE NURSING.

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    ADN's are also charge at my facility. All RN's are required to rotate.

    The nurse managers have BSN.
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    Many times it's regional as to what opportunities are available for BSNs. To name a few management of course, but medical quality, research, safety, case management, teaching (you can teach a clinical group with a BSN and experience, or you can teach CNA's and LPNs), drug reps....etc.

    The BSN is an investment for future jobs. It's benefits aren't immediately recognized because ADN nurses and BSN nurses present as entry level bedside nurses on relatively equal footing.
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    I am interested in further education from RN to BSN. I have seen lots of options for this through online education without going to class... Does it worth or if I come back to India is it considerable by our India board of nursing?
    Hope for the reply.
    Thank you

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