BSN in another Degree to a Masters in Nursing

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    I am in nursing school and will receive my ADN. I do however already have a BSN in another field of study and was told by my nursing director that I could use that BSN and study to get my Masters Degree in Nursing. Is this true or sound right?

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    A BSN is a "Bachelor's Degree in Nursing." I take it that you have a BS in another field, not a BSN.

    Some MSN programs will accept students in your situation, requiring them to take a few of the Bachelor's level courses prior to the Master's level courses, but not requiring the full completion of all course required for a BSN. In other words, they combine the BSN and MSN into one course of study. For example, rather than spending 2 years getting a BSN and 2 more years getting an MSN, you could combine the two programs and graduate with your MSN in 3 years.

    However, not all schools allow you to do that. You would have to meet with representatives of the schools of your choice and have them review your transcripts and make a decision on your particular case. The number of undergraduate courses you would have to take may depend on the particular courses you took for your other BS degree.
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    ..........see llg #5
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    yes it is possible:

    : what are the requirements for admission to the program?

    a: the program has three avenues of entry and the requirements differ slightly for each option.

    1.masters entry program in nursing (mepn).
    this 3 year option is designed for non-nurses who have completed an undergraduate degree in another field. applicants to this popular option must have satisfactory scores on their gre tests and an acceptable gpa. applicant's life experiences, letters of support and essay will all contribute to their application profile. master of science program.

    2.this two-year program is open to experienced registered nurses with an undergraduate degree in any field. applicants are evaluated on their experiences, their essay, academic records and gre scores, and an interview with program faculty. a recent statistics course is required prior to admission.

    3.certificate program. this option is open to registered nurses who have already earned a graduate degree, especially those who have a msn. applicants are evaluated on their experiences, essays and recommendations, and academic records.
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    Quote from mvanz9999
    Do a search for "Direct Entry" which should clear things up for you. I have a BFA and am doing a direct entry program at UIC to end with an MSN.
    Actually, it doesn't sound like she needs a "Direct Enty" program. She is already attending an ADN program. Once she graduates (and passes boards), she will be an RN. She doesn't need an entry program: she needs a bridge program. Those are 2 different things.

    Now ... if she has just started her ADN program and wants to drop out and then start over again in an MSN direct entry program, that's another thing.

    Direct entry MSN programs are great for people who already have a BS or BA in something else but are just starting their nursing education. However, once you already have an ADN, that's not what you need.
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    You are talking about an RN to MSN program. There are many of these around the country, just try Google.

    I'm planning to apply to such a program at Washington State University-Vancouver. They offer an RN-MSN Family Nurse Practitioner track for those who hold a Bachelor degree in another field. I can even get a head start by taking a couple of the classes (BSN level) while finishing my ADN.:spin:
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    doh! sorry, llg. somehow i missed the adn part.

    yeah, rn --> msn.
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    You don't even need another bachelors degree anymore to go from ADN to MSN. I considered this program but couldnt do it due to frequent moving. However, would have if I could have. Good luck.
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    I am sorry for the error in my original statement. I do have a Bachelor's in another field and am in a RN program currently that is the ADN. So I can then just jump from the ADN-MSN correct? That would be great since I do not wish to continue to duplicate degrees. I just would like to get my nursing degree, and jump straight to the MSN program. Thank you very much to each and every one of you for your information and help.
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    I am just completing my first term for the ADN program. Is it possible that I could have started a nursing program under the MSN degree from the beginning with no prior nursing education or experience?

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