BSN as entry into practice; why we decided against it. - page 25

While hopefully avoiding stoking the ADN - BSN debate unnecessarily, I thought I'd share my experience with my state's consideration of BSN as entry into practice, as well as the BSN-in-10 initiative. About 3 years ago I sat... Read More

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    It's funny this comes up because yesterday I witnessed a sad scene while rounding.

    RN1 came into the conference room during our multiD rounds to tell RN2 that her patient rang the call bell because she had diarrhea in the bed. RN2 asks RN1 where the CNA is. RN1 says she's busy with another patient. RN2 says the patient will have to wait because she's in rounds, then says to the patient's resident "you have to do something about this, that's twice today".

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