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Benifits of a Masters in Nursing?

  1. 0 Hello! I am currently working towards my BSN and I had initially planned on getting my masters to do Nurse Anesthetist. I have heard that as of 2015 if you are not already licensed as a nurse anesthetist you will be required to get a doctorate. I am not sure if I still want to do it as it is a lot more schooling. Anyways, my question is what is the benefit of getting a masters in nursing? Does a nurse with a masters work more on a managerial end or paperwork side of things? I really enjoy patient care and hands on things. I am not sure I would want an MSN if it is mainly for managing and things like that. Anyways thanks for any replies. I am just trying to find out if a masters is necessary now that the CRNA requirements are more.
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    You are going to have to clarify the question. What type of MSN? If you had an MSN in nursing administration, yes, I assume you would seek a managerial position involving more of the "paperwork side of things." If you obtained a MSN in education you would seek a teaching position, if you are interested in an advanced practice field, you seek a MSN in that specific discipline. They are not interchangeable.
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    Most nursing leadership positions now require MSN. It is not unusual for Chief Nursing Offices to have doctorates these days. Many nurse leaders have 'clinical' MSNs - which gives them an advantage in that specific area. But MSN in nursing admin is still OK if you have the right clinical experience or specialty certification.

    Other non-clinical leadership roles also require Masters... MSN with focus on education or equivalent (e.g., MEd with BSN) is a minimum requirement for organizational Nurse Educators; BSN is OK for unit-based educators. MSN with requisite experience or BSN with Masters in related area is OK in Clinical Support areas (CM, Quality, Patient Safety, Risk Mgmt, etc). Clinical Informatics is a new but increasingly important area - many jobs require MSN in nursing informatics or BSN with MS in Bio- or Healthcare-informatics.

    So - yeah, non-clinical MSN jobs are becoming increasingly common in all areas of heath care.