As a clg graduate, am I stupid for pursuing a ASN and not MSN?

  1. I graduated from Cal in May and now I'm trying to pursue a path into nursing. Many people are telling me to try for MSN programs but I still have pre reqs to complete because I didn't even consider nursing as a career until the last year before I graduated. To get into the ASN programs that I've looked at I just need to complete Anatomy, Microbio and Speech.
    However, some of the entry-MSN programs I've seen required me to take pharmocology, more chemistry and the GREs of course.

    It just seems that I will need to spent more time after graduation taking pre-reqs than I have to for an ASN. I want to get work ASAP but I also want to move up and pursue a nurse practioners with time.

    Am I being stupid or wasting time by pursuing an ASN instead of trying for an MSN off the bat? I eventaully want an MSN, just I want to work a few years first....Bah I dunno the answer since I don't have any experience with this.
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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    Are those your only options? I mean, it's really up to you one way or the other, but is there an accelerated BSN program since you already have one degree?

    No way is 'stupid', just maybe differing in time 'til completion.
  4. by   akanini
    When you get the ADN, many doors will open for you to get into aMSN program for people with a bachelors in another field. Then you can take your time and work as a RN while doing this.
  5. by   blueelle
    I was in the same boat as you in deciding which program I should do. I did one year of nursing school back when I was 18 fresh out of highschool. I chickened out and switched tracks completely. I have a Bachelor's & Master's degree in Business and I'm just not happy, my interests still lie in the health field.

    I decided in the last 8 months or so to go back to nursing school. I originally decided on an accelerated 1 year BSN program for 2nd degree students. But after talking to the advisor of the program and seeing just how competitive the program was and the cost of $35k, I decided I will go with the ADN.

    With the ADN...I only have 3 more requirements to finish before clinicals (A&P2, micro, biochem) so I will be able to start sooner than the accelerated program along with the BIG pro that I won't be accumulating $35k in debt....since tech school for the 2 years will only be around 6-8k. It's a huge difference especially considering that most nurses in the area have said pay ranges do not differ dramatically from ADN to BSN.

    Also....I'm pretty confident that I will not stop at RN. I know that I will be doing one of two things, either finishing my BSN because there are many schools in the area that have BSN completion programs OR I will be doing an MSN track. So I figured why do the BSN when with my ADN, BBA, and MBA I can #1 do nursing with them and #2 if I want to, I can get a MSN without having the BSN. (Phew...that's alot of abbreviations). So those are my thoughts. I know I'll probably go on to an MSN track and with my other degrees and the RN I know I'll easily be able to further my education if I want to down the road.

    I've looked at doing the MSN track already and they have Direct Entry programs for students with other non-nursing degrees, so it's an option for me even now. But I'm anxious to get started and quite honestly, I want to get the RN experience first before I decide what speciality I'd like to focus on (CNS, Midwife, NP). Not sure if any of this information helps you, but this was my process of deciding. Good luck to you!