ADN from a community college vs. ADN from a trade school

  1. I am currently applying to as many nursing schools that i can possibly find, but i am not having any luck with getting in. I have my associates degree in Liberal Arts and have completed my health science courses. I was wondering if any one can tell me the differences in RN programs @ a community college, or Cal State vs a trade school such as American Career College (which also offers a BSN).
    Also, is there a difference when a hospital is seeing RN applications from a community college or a trade school. Please help!
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  3. by   smk1
    There aren't any trade schools out this way that offer ADN that I am aware of, but I would imagine if the school is accredited by one of the major associations (like NLN etc...) and you have checked with the BON in that state to make sure that graduates are eligible for the NCLEX, you are probably fine. I am unclear how a trade school can issue degrees though such as associates and especially BSN (or any other BS/BA for that matter). Look into this thoroughly so that there are no suprises.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Trade schools in most states are only able to award a certificate of program completion, not a collegate degree, as education program licensure under technical/secondary school education Therefore, credits are often not transferable to higher education program.

    Example: American Career College, California
    Can I earn an AA degree at ACC?
    No. While ACC is fully accredited, we are not a traditional two- or four-year college. But you will earn a certificate of completion that is recognized and valued by prospective employers
    They do not grant Bachelors degree; nursing program is Vocational Nursing.

    Check with your states Dept of Education to see type of license: post-secondary education or collegiate.
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