accreditation of programs accross states (esp. FHSU)

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    Hello, I'm thinking about applying for the RN-BSN online program at Fort Hays State University after I graduate from my current AS program next May. Their homepage says that the program is approved by the Kansas State Board of Nursing. I'm living in Texas and this is where I will take my NCLEX and where I want to work. But does the wording mean that the program may not be approved by the Texas Board of Nursing? Maybe I just don't fully understand how this accreditation thing works, and any clarification will be appreciated.

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    It won't matter cause you have completed an approved nursing program with your ASN and passed the NCLEX.
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    Agree with the above. Once you are licensed as an RN, whichi s a requirement for you to enter the RN to BSN, it doesn't matter where after that you take your BSN because the BON in your state isn't going to hear about it. In my program at Florida Hospital there were students all over the country and one American stationed in Japan taking the program.

    What you might look for are the accreditations like NLN that will transfer into grad schools.

    Good luck!

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