ABSN or ADN then RN-BSN bridge program?

  1. I currently hold a bachelors degree and could do an accelerated program but I'm worried about it being too much work and moving too fast for me. There is one semester where I'd be taking 18credits! I feel like taking a couple classes at a community college each semester might be an easier pace for my family and I. However, I hear hospitals are no longer hiring ADN's and instead are focusing on BSN grads only. Thoughts?
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  3. by   HouTx
    Why not just look into BSN programs? A Bachelor's degree in nursing is not a "duplicate" degree - it is a completely different thing from other types of BS & BAs. The pre-requisites are generally the same, no matter which way you go. You are correct re: the intensity of accelerated programs which are also much more expensive. It is true that hospitals in most larger cities are no longer hiring ADNs but it is not the same everywhere. Check with employers in your area to see if this is true where you live.

    Another factor you may want to consider - hiring managers in my organization are extremely reluctant to hire ABSN grads because of negative experiences in the past. They prefer generic BSN grads instead. A frequent complaint of ABSN grads (you can find comments on AN) is that they do not have as much exposure to clinical settings in their programs and this is a real disadvantage when it comes to transitioning into the 'real world'.

    If maintaining family-school balance is important, I advise you to go the traditional route. The job market for new grads is really bad right now, and it may be better in a couple of years.
  4. by   Apodomvin
    Thank you very much for your input. I'll have to check out the traditional program at my local university. I have heard that the market is not good right now. Hopefully things will change by the time I am done with school. My desire is to work in L & D.....is this a coveted unit where you think I'll have to earn some time in other units before I get the opportunity to work there? I'm sure the area I live in plays a big part but I wondered what your experience has been. Does everyone have their own ideal unit they would like to work in?
  5. by   mon00707
    Im in the same boat. I checked into the RN-BSN programs in my area and it actually looked less stressful doing it that way. I would only have 1 or 2 nursing course a semester because I have done all the other required courses through my ADN or previous Bachelors.
  6. by   Apodomvin
    Yah.....it just seems a little crazy to me. How can people take all these classes in such a short time and still get good grades?! I would like to finish as soon as possible but I also want to be able to spend time with my family. I just don't think there is enough time to really learn all the material and get good grades in such a compressed timeline.