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:D I just wanted all you radiology nurses to know.. your not alone. In the dealings I've had with radiology nurses, it seems we all have the same dilemmas. I truely love my job in the radiology department and I wouldn't want to... Read More

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    Hello Ontario!!!I am originally from Montreal, and have family in Toronto....Welcome to this thread. It is great to hear from so many of you. Did you get funding to go to San Antonio? Is there a web site that I could be on their mailing list for future conferences? Our pic line issue seems to be like in most places, we insert them if the pic line RN's are having trouble. We have 2 fulltime RN's and 2 parttime RN's. Only the RN's scrub, we do call but call is not very busy. I also work casual at a larger teaching hospital, and call was extremely busy....We do wear OR scrubs and nurses only scrub. We do angios and interventional cases, prepare pts. for CT, trouble shoot in the whole Diagnostic Imaging Dept. We will be getting an MRI in the new year.


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    Could you tell me if you complete a nursing assessment of any kind pre-procedure for things like US guided breast biopsies?
    Do you do the discharge instructions, or rad techs?
    Thanks a bunch
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    We have 2 full-time RN's in my dept and 2 part-time nurses, a 3rd nurse is starting in a week. Our dept has quadrupled the business in IR since bringing on an interventional radiologist. We do cover call but only til 7pm on the weekdays and only 8a-12p on weekends. The managers say we r changing call until 12 midnight during week. The nurses don't scrub on cases here, only the IR techs which is fine with me, I like monitoring the patients. I do love my job however find that our managers not having nursing backgrounds gives us the usual frustrations, we are the redheaded step-children of the hospital, lol. We frequently get left out of important changes in the hospital And find out with second hand conversations we other nurses. Since getting the IR doc we have gone to hospital provided OR scrubs! Thank heaven! With the changeover we now do dialysis related issues, angioplasties, etc. It has been frustrating with trying to explain to all that monitoring pt's can be different for each. They have done nothing to get us more education on these newer procedures, soon we our going to be doing RFA's and embolization, all of which uses heavy sedation, a side note to that, I was an ICU nurse for 14 years and have problem with using heavy sedation however there are limits to what I can do by hospital policy. Not sure about what we will do with this issue. Anyway sorry to run on with this. We do insert PICC lines but are developing a criteria patients must meet to have one placed, as always PICC's are not emergency cases however we seem to get called in for them all the time. We do a basic assessment with our thyroid and breast biopsies. We also do lumbar spine pain injections. I would be interested to know what sedation and pain meds other facilities use, does anyone use diprivan without an anesthesiologist. Do u have a protocol for it? What meds do you use for post biopsy patients, do they get sent home with a prescription. Thanks all! Any and all responses welcome.
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    Ahh, someone I can identify with. I am the only radiology nurse in my 100 bed hospital also. I am married to a rad tech, my son is a rad tech, and his WIFE is a rad tech, so I felt I could bring a unique perspective to the job (left ER due to burnout.) My question to you (all of you, really), is do you feel a lack of respect from the "regular" nurses as to the challenges we face? It is impossible to get an SBAR from Med/Surg when they send their patients down, and they have placed me in some untenable situations. I think they feel, "Off the unit, not my problem," perspective. My manager is a Rad Tech, and supports me, but won't stand up to nursing management. Does a sentinel event need to occur before anyone will listen? Is this a universal problem, and how do you all handle this?

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