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:D I just wanted all you radiology nurses to know.. your not alone. In the dealings I've had with radiology nurses, it seems we all have the same dilemmas. I truely love my job in the radiology department and I wouldn't want to... Read More

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    Is the manager an RN? Have fun on your camping trip. How do you handle delays with having to get a BUN and Creatinine upon patient arrival? Thanks for all the info.


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    The manager of our Dept is a radiology technologist who has been moving up in heirarchy. She is close to retirement. If a patient needs a creat & BUN done, it depends on what time of day it is as the RN's go home by 16:30. A stat bld test could take anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour, but usually an hour.

    Camping was great even though it rained on Sat, at least we were all set up. We had shelter for cooking and had nice warm fires. I did have to play nurse on Sat evening, 3 scouters stumbled upon a hornets nest that was in the ground.....One boy came out screaming, they were trapped in his clothes, in sucession another boy came and then a third. I had to brush them off one of the boys as they wouldn't let go....It was quite horrific!!!The good part is that there were no major allergic reactions, just small localized ones. One boy with 4 bites went a bit shocky, shaking etc., I held him til he calmed down. Another boy, who got bit on his ear, kept thinking that there was one still there.....



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    Our "manager" is a rad tech too, well director of radiology. My problem is he's got no backround in nursing what-so-ever. When we try to bring patient issues to him he states he will get back to us, never does, we solve the problems on our own, in our own way, then he gets mad because we didn't consult with him. I am about ready to have him impeached. Good thing I wasn't camping with you, I go into anyphylatic shock from bee, hornet and wasp stings...believe me it isn't pretty. Hope you have(had) a nice day.

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    oh, how I can relate. Our previous manager, was like that. We would tell him about our problems, and he did nothing. Our current manager is better, and listens to our suggestions of problem solving, but as well has no nursing background. We are able to work out problems together.

    I am sure glad you were not camping with us. as that is what I feared was an anaphalactic (spelling) reaction.

    Tomorrow, I begin to orientate one of our casual nurses to the angio suite. It is going to be a long haul, as she only works casual.

    Have a good day!
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    Hi to all my fellow radiology nurses!! I was so happy to find this site! Finally I can communicate with others that understand the unique and frustrating problems of radiology nursing!! We are truly in a class by ourselves, you know. I have been working rad for about 3 years now. As I read all these messages, I identified with each and every one of you. I recently moved across the country and went from working in a large (800+bed) county hospital to a small (97 bed) private hospital; totally different atmosphere but same old situation- I feel that radiology nurses are considered to be a "necessary evil" most of the time. At least at my former job I had a RN manager. I had to LOL when I read Rad2001's comment about his tech/manager. They really don't have a clue when it comes to nursing! Just a suggestion- contact the director of critical care nursing at your facility and present your concerns. I did this, and now I am reporting to her as my manager instead of a rad tech. BTW, I am the ONLY RN in the dept.- talk about being lonely! But I also see this as an opportunity, to develop the dept. in a nurse-friendly way. Thanks so much for presenting this forum!!
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    I am glad you found this site too...welcome. Yes we all have problems that are very similar. I have worked for 8 years in radiology. 6 years @ a major teaching hospital, now the past 2 years as Clinical Resource Nurse @ a community hospital. With a team of 3 RN's per shift. You must be lonely being the one and only.

    Take Care:
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    Since there has been so many replies to Radnurse by Rad nurses...i have a nonnursing question(sorry)...what do you think about Rad tech careers? Do most enjoy their job? What are their gripes?What are their perks? I thought that i would get a nonbiased opinion. I'm sure that you all work closely with may not like them...ha! ha! i dunno. i am contemplating the career. i think there can be variety of opportunities in the field. Radiology is VERY interesting to me. i do appreciate your replies!!! Your input will help. i'm 29, going through a career change. i am a fish out of water in the medical field so i guess i do ask a bunch of questions. Thanx!!! Dee
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    Welcome AZradRN and dstrick8. It is sooo great to have more and more nurses responding to this page!!!!!dstick8-all I can tell you is rad tech's generally like thier jobs, but you need to be a fast paced person. The rad techs I work with are always busy! This would definately be the time to become a rad tech--you can almost write your own ticket. AZRadRN ---I envy you. I wish I was the only nurse in my department I work so much better alone. See you guys later and let's keep the communication going!!!!! PS AZRadRN--Do you deal with the dreaded dialysis?
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    I can't believe that there is a radiology nurse category now - I have not visited this site for some time. This is wonderful!! Hello to BC from ONT! I can identify with soooo much of the stuff you are writing about!!
    One question - Do you insert PICC lines?
    Another question - Do nurses only scrub for procedures?
    Do you wear OR greens? (Believe me - I need to know)
    I am full time in IR and have 3 part time nurses working with me - we cover 24 hr call. We are busier than ever. Faster Faster!!!!
    By the way - I went to San Antonio -wasn't it great!!!
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    Hi there,
    San Antonio was great!!!!!!We do insert Picc lines in our Special Procedures unit. Our Radiologist gains acess to the brachial or cephalic vein and thread them to the atrio-caval junction. This is only after opur Central line team tries and fails. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a stat Picc line HAHAHAHA!Both nurses and rad techs scrub for procedures. we alternate. There are three of us, one circulates radiology (and related CT and MRI) two are stationed in specials...(Concious Sedation issues) . We wear hospital issue scrubs, cover call(one RN, one tech). We are getting busier than ever too!!!! We just went full time trauma. Call used to be a peice of cake but now.....We have three full time RN's like I said and three full time techs. I am currently looking to hire another RN because it is soooo busy. Right now, we are the only hospital in a 90 mile radius that uses nembutal to sedate children, we cover the shriners kids, and our CT and MRI departments are rockin". But get this, as of Nov. 30th our radiologists group is disbanding. We are loosing our interventionalist,(which really makes dialysis happy...NOT!) our neurodiagnostic radiologist and our "body" guy. We won't have an interventionalist untill January, and we were lucky to get him. They are all leaving due to hospital politics.
    I don't know what we are going to do. The CV surgeons do stuff and are willing to pick up more, but as we all know, dialysis can be a pain in the butt, and the surgeons won't put up with it, again us in the middle. Well, I am done griping ----

    Anyother questions? Feel free to ask.


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