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I have worked as an RN in an Interventional Cath Lab for almost 2 years now. We have 3 rooms and each room is staffed with 2 RT's and 1 RN or 2 RN's and 1 RT. Either way the RT is the only one who is allowed to scrub in to... Read More

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    rad techs are not licensed in every state, one of the reasons the care bill is a good idea. if you look at the actual legislation i am not aware of any state (but i have not look up all of them) that allows radiological technologists to perform sterile invasive procedures. just a quick list of states that do not regulate rad techs wisconsin, south dakota, nevada, alabama, alaska, colorado….. there are more than this but just an idea.

    they are trained to function in a sterile environment, and do it quite well. but if they are performing duties which are not regulated by the state such as deploying a closer device ect.. they are functioning as unlicensed personnel in that function...

    prepping/draping, maintaining sterile field, applying hemostatic medications/devices, closure devices ect.. i believe that rad techs should be able to do these functions if trained just as nurses need to be trained. unfortunately the licensing laws of sates that do regulate rad techs are very narrow and do not include many of these functions. hence when performing them they are legally considered unlicensed since the state does not license them to perform that function.

    for example in california a radiological technologist may not hold a retractor used in placing a port or deploy a closure device that sutures the vessel since both of these actions are classified as manipulating tissue. (even though the fda clears that device to be deployed by technologists and nurses) but idaho radiological technologists are not licensed but it is a medical delegatory state and those functions may be preformed.

    depending on the i agree that nurses should not apply ionizing radiation with out additional training; in some states it is possible such as texas, and washington. but that is a different discussion.

    the bottom line is that the aorn and other professional bodies consider the ir suite a surgical area, hence when scrub functions are preformed by personnel who are not regulated by that state to perform those functions they are considered unlicensed in that aspect and the rn and physician are both responsible for the actions of the scrub…. now if the state laws include those dependant functions in the scope of practice for the radiological technologist then they are not considered unlicensed personnel.

    i agree they are very different jobs but there should be a large deal of job sharing responisbility in a good department.

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