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  1. Hi, I Recently Transfered To The Radiology Dept. I Am Looking For Any Type Of Continuing Education Conference Or Material That Would Be Of Help To Me. The Concept Of A Radiology Nurse Is Relatively New To Our Hospital. We Always In The Past Had To Call On The Cath Lab Or House Supervisor For Assistance.

    I Do Conscious Sedation, Patient Monitoring During Procedures, Start Iv's On Outpatients, Assist With The Stress Test And Tee's. Also Involved With Chart Reviews On All Invasive Cases That Occur In Our Dept.

    Is There Anything Else That Anybody Can Think Of That Falls Under The Responsibility Of A Radiology Nurse?

    Any Advice To Help Me Succeed In My New Area Of Nursing Would Greatly Be Appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   dianah
    Check out American Radiological Nurses Association. They offer a Core Curriculum (4 yr ago it was $75), and you can obtain a CRN certificate from them. (was $250 to test, last I knew)

    They also sponsor yearly meetings along with what used to be SCVIR (Society for Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology), and what is now SIR (Society of Interventional Radiology, I believe). It may even have changed names in the last 3 yr or so . . .

    You could always get yearly refresher courses on Moderate Sedation . .. and Stress Testing . . do a google or yahoo or vivisimo search.

    There didn't used to be more than that one yearly meeting for Rad. Nurses, which was REALLY too bad, given all that position could entail.

    There are several very good Interventional Radiology books written for the tech and nurse, check on Amazon.

    Good luck carving out that very important niche!!
  4. by   hawks5
    The next ARNA annual convention is March 2007 in Seattle, WA. ARNA has updated not only their website to include some new member forums, but also has revised the core curriculum (still costs $75).

    The American College of Radiology is an excellent resource for standards on Contrast Media Administration. Now that JCAHO considers contrast a medication, there are many standards and patient safety goals that need to be incorporated into the radiology RN's practice: medication reconcilliation; pharmacy review of orders, etc...

    Taking care of your patients of course is priority; but you will soon wonder how the department ever ran without a nurse! Your role will constantly grow and expand to include policy and procedure creation/revision as well as being an all around resource person!

    Good luck!