radiology technician, any opportunity in the next 2 years????

  1. im interessting on becaming a radiology tech but im not sure if this is the right choice ( in terme of job market)

    so please tell me if there is any job opportunity in the futur years ?
    what is the best private school offering this program in sacramento california ?
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  3. by   dianah
    As this site deals mainly with nursing and nursing-related issues, you may not find many of us with information about job opportunities for Rad. Techs.

    However, there are a few Radiologic Technologist programs in the Sacramento area.
    You could google "Radiologic Technologist program Sacramento" and see what comes up.

    Here are a few I got with a search:

    Yuba CC
    San Joaquin Delta College

    Info on what a Rad Tech does (some projections of job availability):

    Good luck!
  4. by   aya123
    thank a lot
  5. by   Lacourty
    I have a radiology technologist degree and continue to work as a tech on a part time basis and work as an RN on a full time basis. Like any other health care field, the need turns around every couple years. There are hospital based certificate programs, associate degree programs, and bachelor degree programs. Certification as a radiology technologist gives you the opportunity to learn CT scan or MRI in addition to xray. You can search ARRT for more info. They are the accrediting body for radiology technologists.
  6. by   JBRN83
    This message is to Lacourty. As a xray tech and a nurse do you feel that radiolgy nursing after obtaining OR experience is doable. Im asking because I am a former xray tech and new grad nurse currently training in the OR with aspirations of becoming a radiology nurse.

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