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Paracentesis.....bottle shortage

  1. 0 anyone else having problems obtaining evacuated bottles for paracentesis/Thora? We just used our last bottles today and don't expect any for at least 2 weeks....What creative/safe solutions have you come up with?

    Hooking to suction canister? Draining to gravity?
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    We're using standard wall suction... How do these shortages keep coming up?
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    I heard one of the production plants closed down....not 100% sure though.

    How is the wall suction working for you? What setting do you typically use on suction? low?
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    My dept. just used the last bottle in our hospital, and of course the radiologists want wall suction. I have not been able to find a standard of practice for this; do you know where I can find any in print?
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    We are experiencing the same problem. I would love to know how the wall suctioning is working for people and if there is a standard practice for this. We are currently having to pull the fluid with syringe, three way stop cock, and drainiage back OR drainage by gravity which is very inconvenient for patient and staff. I would love to here other ideas/solutions that may be available. I don't quite understand what the difficulty of making/producing these bottles is being that it is a GLASS bottle. I mean, really. HOW can this be a wide spread issue???? Any suggestions are welcome...
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    We have same issue. Use wall suction or gravity. I have great success with wall suction and a 5 FR Yueh catheter. Wall suction has 1/3 of the suction of the bottles believe it or not, and we find it works well. Less manipulation of catheter or turning of patient.