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    I have applied for a new position and currently preparing for the interviews. Our hospital is highly automated and I plan to discuss the abiliteis of the systems to integrate with the NSQIP during my interviews.

    But I would like to know how other Reviewers enjoy their jobs, what they find to be most stimulating or challenging for you. How much time is spent educating others, do you feel your job is making a positive difference to the patients and the medical providers (MD & Nursing alike)?

    I am open for any advice on what to ask or expect in this new role. Thank you!!

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    I work as a NSQIP SCR, although I'm brand new to the position. The NSQIP program is brand new at our hospital, and we're in the process of creating the program. I just wanted to follow the string, as I'm eager to connect with other SCRs
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    I'm interviewing this week for a cardiac surgery clinical reviewer. I'm trying to understand the position a bit. What is the biggest part of your job? What's the largest Barrier you've had to overcome? What skills helped you the most? Thanks for any info! I've been trying to conduct some Internet research on the job, but its always better connect with people
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    The majority of my time is spent reviewing patients' medical records. I gather clinical data and input it to an online portal which runs it thru an algorithm. I also work w/ the quality improvement team to report on trends in the data.
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    Thank you for the reply. It sounds a lot like the MDS system I have been using in long term care. I review data and upload it to a national data base. We run our QA info from this and it's reported to the state and Feds. Again, thanks for taking the time to reply.

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