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Hello, I'm considering a HEDIS job with Outcomes Inc for the spring 2006. I live in Seattle and have 2 toddlers that I will need to find care for while I do this. Outcomes said they pay $4/chart... Read More

  1. by   rapidnurse
    I've done Outcomes. However, I work through an agency, who pays me by the hour. The average number of charts that can be done in 8 hours is about 15. That averages to about 2 charts per hour. The clinics we are assigned to are not always kind and welcoming. Since I don't drive very far, there is no reimbursement for mileage. And yes the work can be VERY BORING. The people at Outcomes are very kind and considerate, although you may or may not get to work a 40 hr pay-week.
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  2. by   SB737
    I am trying to find out the same info. for WA state. I am in the Kitsap Co. area.
  3. by   puetzaroni
    rapidnurse thats all you get per hour.....I guess it only makes you go fast when it matters.....I am a direct hire and we get paid by the chart trust me I get more than 2 done per hour and it don't matter what kind of measure I am doing I average 5-10 per hour by hand getting out what I need and scanning the info.
  4. by   cofcmom05
    Hi, I am new and looking at working on a project for HEDIS in SC; What type of money can a project 6 wks bring? Is it worth it?
  5. by   ARBY
    It depends on how you are paid. When I did HEDIS in CA, I was paid by the hour, when I recently did it on line, I was paid by the chart. If paid by the chart, it also depends on which measures you are doing...some can be 5 min., some 1/2 hour. It also depends on if/how much you get paid for travel time.
  6. by   swinjury
    I quit my four week long job with Outcomes yesterday. I traveled from Phoenix to Houston to work for them and they made a lot of promises, but kept none of them. I got home to find my first paycheck of $27.70, for which I had submitted a documented work-week of 57 hours. It took two days of arguing to get them to pay up and it is not the amount I was quoted when I accepted the job. I am waiting for an "over-nighted" paycheck right now, but it's already 1030am, so... Do not do anything for these people until you get an e-mail of the terms of your job: hourly rate for travel, per chart rate, expenses, etc. They even tried to deny my expenses for meals! Like I was going to live in Houston for a week and have nothing to eat! They seem very young and immature to me. They have not traveled and certainly have no medical experience. When backed into a corner, each one has lied to me. I am retired at 52 years old and have been doing chart abstraction for over ten years. DO NOT WORK FOR ANY OF THESE COMPANIES UNTIL OR UNLESS THE DEAL BENEFITS YOU!!
  7. by   Hamyani
    Hi Arby,
    This site is new to me. I sent you a post earlier today. I haven't scrolled all the way down yet, but I wanted to catch-up with you b/4 U got gone.
    Searching for information on getting into HEDIS.

  8. by   nickev
    beware of this company, outcomes, inc (out of virginia), which performs hedis reporting using odis. goes by either or

    i worked for this company for 2 months, using my own resources for such items as: gas, paper, ink, phone calls, faxing, postal, etc. and did not get paid for the majority of time i spent working. i would call daily, keeping in touch w/my field representative, as instructed. i would perform all aspects of the job as outlined in the job description, only to find out someone else would go into the paperwork i sent via computer to change the information. i would be sent to md offices which would be closed; sent to offices which only had 2 charts out of 30 available; sent to offices which had "hybrid" charts, meaning the field reviewer had to collect both electronic & paper information (this can add an additional day to your one day schedule, without being compensated for your additional time, effort, resources used). finally, told them i was resigning due to my outgoing expenses, not being paid, company not fulfilling their part of the contract.

    in total, this job cost me approx. $1000 + in 2 months, whereas, i was paid only $60.00 for the initial training. i in turn, did not return their laptop nor their scanner. i have kept the lines of communication open w/this company, trying to get the money owed to me, after which, their equipment would be returned. received an e-mail from them stating if their equipment was not returned, they would be contacting my state nursing board to make a complaint against me. today, i just received my w-2 from this company, reporting they paid me $800.00. needless to say, shot off another e-mail to them to either pay me, or fix this w-2.

    one last thing -- when i did report i was quitting, they did offer to pay me $30.00/hr vs. $4.00/chart. so, if one does foolishly apply to this company, demand an hourly pay.
  9. by   RubyRN,CHPN
    [quote=nickev;3391516]beware of this company, outcomes, inc (out of virginia), which performs hedis reporting using odis. goes by either or

    it's unfortunate you had such a bad experience with this company as you have posted this message on at least 3 threads where people were inquiring re: hedis and outcomes.

    i worked for the above company for two projects last year; one being hedis and the other payment integrity audits (pia) for a medicare advantage plan. i have to say i was treated fairly by the company and all matters and concerns were handled professionally by them and my field reviewer advocate. she was always there to listen and offer assistance. when i needed printer cartriges or paper, she reminded me that there was a $40 allowance for supplies; when i got to a site and they cancelled at my arrival, she made sure i was paid administrative time for my travel and time spent on site. in fact, when there were issues pertaining to office manager being unprofessional and making comments re: previous fiield reviewers who had been to the clinic she even called the office and set up clear expectations with them. never was underpaid for my services nor shorted from what was promised in my contract. i was paid per chart. granted, there were some measures that took considerably longer than others or a site with only two chart; i was always able to request hourly rate vs. per chart rate for those sites. scheduling always called me first if they wanted me to travel beyond what i was willing. i never had to speak with my supervisor's supervisor. she was always spot, right on the first time.

    i will probably not do hedis reviews with them this year. there were not enough charts in my area to justify the time committment . pia was a much better gig as i let the scheduler know how many charts i could do in a day (average) and they assigned me to sites with an average of that chart count for each day. as for not returning the equipment....well, it was in you contract........ and that is protected health information inside. .......of people.
  10. by   nickev
    rubyrn,chpn -- just a brief response to yours, only because you seemed to have confused this as being personal, when i simply was giving a fair warning to all those who were thinking about this particular company (obviously, mine was not the only negative response -- surely you noticed this seeing as you tracked my other responses).

    it's rather fortunate you had a decent field representative et al who were so forthcoming in informing you of what resources, monies, time spent, and other allowances available to you if the need arouse or as a representative of the company. unfortunately, i did not, although i was on the phone every day w/issues, concerns, monies spent, charts being available or unavailable, sites being closed, or the rare instance when a day went right (one site, which was almost an hour away from my home, was closed, even though i had confirmed the day & time the day before of me being scheduled. upon arrival, realizing office was closed, called field reviewer several times. awaited at this site for over an hour per field representative's request. called field reviewer again, told to go home -- was almost 30 mins from my home when asked to go back to the office, being assured someone would available. this was the only time i was offered administrative time. i did so, and office remained closed. again, notified field representative. was told to go home, not to worry about it. never saw this money, nor was i ever reimbursed for the travel). i actually had 2 field representatives, and it was confusing for me to know which one to call first, as well as difficult not knowing if one was keeping the other updated much less the company updated. also, there were no toll free numbers available to call in, it was all long distance calls -- this too added up quickly.

    yes, there are hipaa rules, which i have not violated. this information is still safely secured in their computer, as well as being available to the company when i uploaded to their site as per my job description. contract states payment for job performed, which i did. the issue is i did not receive the monies i earned and they obviously are reporting i did via w-2. seems to me this can simply be resolved by paying me; shouldn't be too difficult, it's call "ACCOUNTING" . i gets paid, you gets computer.
  11. by   Jayne,RN
    I have worked for Outcomes, Inc. since 2006. All work is temporary. I've gotten 4 to 4.50 per chart. Depending on project & type of chart, you can do 6 to 10 per hour. Each project, I've had a different field reviewer advocate. It really depends on your advocate as to how well you project goes. The company has seemed to have gotten better organized over the years, but at the beginning of every project I always feel they are so unorganized. It always gets better as the project continues. You DO have to keep track of your work, because payroll always seems to be an issue. If you have to depend on a certain amount of money or expect a certain amount of work, DON'T, and you won't be disappointed. What's good is that they work with your schedule, so you can do something else, or pick the kids up from school, or whatever.
  12. by   kymaja
    I was hired approximately two months ago as a Field Reviewer with Outcomes, Inc. The person who interviewed me (by telephone) said work was available in my area, and advised me to return all the employment paperwork as soon as possible (which I did that same day). Two days later, I received a phone call from my advocate advising me to take my online test as soon as possible so that a laptop and scanner could be sent to me (which I did the same day). The next day (Friday) my advocate told me the equipment would be sent the following Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Well, that was about 2 months ago and still no equipment.... no equipment, no work.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  13. by   shemac6
    Yep, same thing is happening to me. My equipment was on the UPS truck for delivery when it was called back to the company. That was a month ago. Company reps that I speak to sound interested in helping me when I call, but then never get back to me with an explanation or update.