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Is anyone out there besides me doing HEDIS this year? Last year I was assigned 800+ charts to audit. For probably 400 of those, 3 of us went to the "desert" area to do them. This year I have 1274 to do by myself and possibly 6... Read More

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    Is there a HEDIS company that I can work full time now..please PM me..thank you!

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    I am looking for HEDIS work in West Michigan. Does anyone know of any 2010 HEDIS jobs. thanks.
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    Google "HEDIS 2010 Michigan"
    If you don't find something now, repeat every few days as recruiters are starting look for nurses now.
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    Interviewing today with a company from Austin, TX (HEDIS)---any one have any experience with this company APS? Are healthplans doing more of the abstraction work in-house--I am not seeing many jobs for this in this area (Bay Area, CA).
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    Need some quick info... I just applied for a HEDIS nurse job in Va with an insurance company. wanted to know if someone could tell me the going hourly rate for this area.
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    How did your interview go with APS? I am looking at them myself.
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    I started too late this year. I should've started applying earlier in the year.
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    If anyone has info on DC and/or MD Hedis projects, please PM me. Thanks.
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    Hi! Great info here: thanks. I just received a call to do Hedis in the philly area by a company called Outcomes, Inc. I'd get paid by the chart, work would last 6-8 weeks, and I'd be given a laptop and scanner to visit MD offices to get the info. My questions are: is this a good job and good company? Will the nightmares cited here as far as them not having charts or not knowing I'm coming or having to spend 1 hour abstracting an OB chart and only get $4.50 for it happen to me? And also, how much work is done at home when it is not reimbursed? I'd greatly appreciate any info. because I should reply back to this company in a couple days if I want this job or not. Thanks!
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    Please, somebody answer me! I don't know if I trust this company or not and if I'm making a bad move even thinking about them. ANY advice?

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