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Is anyone out there besides me doing HEDIS this year? Last year I was assigned 800+ charts to audit. For probably 400 of those, 3 of us went to the "desert" area to do them. This year I have 1274 to do by myself and possibly 6... Read More

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    Hello all,

    I've been interested in doing Hedis abstracting for years. However, I would like to educate myself in abstracting before applying. Could anyone direct me to online educational resources? Everytime I "google" Hedis, I only come up with job postings.

    Also, I was wondering if there isn't much work in your area, could you travel to states close to yours that have a lot of work? How long are you at each office or facility typically?

    Thank you for any information


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    I worked for ChartPros doing HEDIS for 3 years, they are wonderful! Can't recommend them highly enough.
    Super easy to work with, they give you plenty of autonomy, and pay well, too.
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    Do you need experience with HEDIS to do these jobs? My sister, who works in healthcare, feels that I should be able to do this job. My nursing experience has been mainly in behavioral health. I am really having a hard time finding a job.
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    Well, everyone has to start somewhere! You should be able to do HEDIS, but the early stages might be tough going.
    Your behavioral background probably doesn't give you much experience evaluating lab values or slogging through the nuances of terminology, etc. The actual work itself, finding the data and retrieving it, should be easy enough. Once you understand what it is that you are looking for, and where to find it, you should be fine. Best of luck, this is a brutal job market.
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    I have recently moved to Eastern NC and am looking for anyone doing Hedis in this area. Does anyone know of company's doing Hedis on the Crystal Coast? I've done Hedis for the past 4 seasons and would like to continue. The company I was working for does not do Hedis in this area or do not have contracts here. Thanks for any information.
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    Berks County Cathy here. I am an RN with Hedis abstractoin experience. I live in Berks county PA and could perform HEDIS work in Lancaster or Allentown PA if you still need help. I am available immediately. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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    Hi, I know it may be late, but I am available to do HEDIS in Maryland. I live just south of the PA line. I could go as far north as York and to the Baltimore area as well. Thank you! rgr8e
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    All Medical Personnel currently has seven (7)-openings for HEDIS Review Nurses.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    -Perform accurate & comprehensive reviews of medical records.
    -Schedule and maintain appointments with providers and clinics.
    -Responsible for providing education and training to physician groups/offices on correct coding initiatives
    -Auditing high volumes of medical records to ensure correct and appropriate code assignment
    -Reporting on findings resulting from chart audits
    -Ensuring accurate data entry for CMS submission
    -Ensures policies and procedures are monitored and updated to include regulatory changes.
    -Available for day and evening off-site and telephonic training/education.

    If you are in the NY - area and interested in getting more information, please call me at 1-800-834-0729 ext 6344.

    Jamillah Golden
    Recruiting Manager
    All Medical Personnel

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