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I'm a student nurse in my second semester of school, and I'm a little stumped on continuous versus intermittent suctioning. I was taught to always use intermittent in class, and the nurses on my unit... Read More

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    Quote from Jolie
    I believe the OP is referencing airway suctioning. Your information pertains to ng suctioning. With ng suctioning, continuous suction should never be used without a Salem tube, which allows free air to be drawn in to prevent the formation of a vacuum should the tube lodge against the lumen of the stomach.
    Yeah, I just noticed that with your post. I think I thought I was replying to a different thread and accidentally posted to this one without re-reading to make sure I was on right thread.

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    Quote from adnrnstudent
    2nd year nursing student here working as PCT. I found this thread doing research on this issue because we use continuous at work and the nurse like to set it to the high side of low. I like definitive numbers so I started researching it.

    Using a salem tube:

    If continuous is used, setting should be 30-40 mmHg. For more than that go to intermittent up to 120 mmHg.

    Low Continuous covers a lot of numbers, so I wanted to know more specific so I started looking around.

    What I posted here, I was discussing NG suction. I didn't mean to post these numbers on thread about airway. Please do not get these numbers stuck in back of mind thinking airway.

    My apologies for posting here.
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    I was always taught continuous. Just don't apply the suction when you're going down into the airway....
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    Know your agency's policy, but I have never seen suctioning resp. secretions as intermittent unless it is pt. who can give you good airway clearance. The more important aspect should be length of time suctioning and need for supplemental O2. with many of our resp. compromised pts we give high flo O2 before and after suctioning.
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    Throughout nursing you are going to encounter these sort of dilemma's all the time. There is always different ways of doing different things. The important thing is evidence based practice and a rationale you can verbally say and also write to back you up and you will be fine!

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