Student nurse confused about suctioning - page 2

I'm a student nurse in my second semester of school, and I'm a little stumped on continuous versus intermittent suctioning. I was taught to always use intermittent in class, and the nurses on my unit... Read More

  1. by   zumalong
    Know your agency's policy, but I have never seen suctioning resp. secretions as intermittent unless it is pt. who can give you good airway clearance. The more important aspect should be length of time suctioning and need for supplemental O2. with many of our resp. compromised pts we give high flo O2 before and after suctioning.
  2. by   canned_bread
    Throughout nursing you are going to encounter these sort of dilemma's all the time. There is always different ways of doing different things. The important thing is evidence based practice and a rationale you can verbally say and also write to back you up and you will be fine!