School Nurse or PHN???

  1. OMG, I finally got a job offer for District School Nurse. Then the next day I get a letter in the mail stating I am one of three nurses they want to interview for a County PHN II position! 2 PHN's have retired. My school nurse interim permit is going to take a few weeks to be processed, so I have time to interview for the county! And just in case the School pulls its tentative offer, I will have a backup, I HOPE! I have always wanted County PHN because it feels like I belong there. But do not get me wrong, I would love the school nurse gig too and will do it happily with bells on. This drama of finding a hospital job with no experience is just not happening for me right now.Thanks for letting me vent, and any ideas or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   amystudentRN
    I agree! And thats awesome you may have options! I was offered a job at a rehab facility, then got the offer for school nurse, so I ended up taking the school position, I have always wanted to work with kids..peds, or in the community. I also have ADN and had trouble landing hospital jobs. Also the hours for a new nurse would usually be nights or evenings..which I wouldnt mind so much..but my family kinda makes it harder.

    I would totally take the school job, you can make a difference, and make a good living while doing it. The whole reason nursing is so great is u really do make a difference in peoples lives.

    Good Luck to you and congratulations!!!