Process to become PHN?

  1. I am a pre-nursing student and will begin to apply to nursing schools this october. I was wondering the process by which you become a Public Health Nurse. I have been reading and some people claim that you need your BSN, and some say you do not. But besides that, are there any other programs/certificates to be completed? Thanks
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  3. by   elkpark
    The BSN has traditionally been considered minimum preparation for public health nursing, because BSN curricula include public health coursework and clinical and ADN curricula don't. While there are additional certifications available, a BSN is all that is needed to get started in public health. That being said, there are plenty of rural or underserved areas in the US where there is not a large pool of candidates to draw from for public health jobs and the public health departments are not so picky (if they insisted on BSNs only, they might not be able to fill their vacancies, so they hire RNs without them).

    Although you may be able to find a public health position with less than a BSN, your chances and opportunities would be much greater with it.
  4. by   youknowho
    In California you need a baccalaureate degree either in nursing or in another field with completion of the public health nursing coursework including the minimum hours of child abuse and neglect coursework, to be a RN and to pay the $75 with the application and transcripts. Totally worth it
  5. by   Catfish RN
    Hello, I am trying to get some info about what is the role of a PHN? I am a student in a BSN program and I must compare HHN, PHN, and community Health Nurses.
    Thanks for any input that you can give.