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  1. I just started an ADN program this month (finally!) and I love it so far! I got my B.S. degree in Public Health about 4 years ago and while I love health and wellness promotion, it just wasn't "enough" so I decided to go to nursing school. What I'm wondering now is- how do I become a public health nurse? Is it enough to couple my ADN with my Bachelor's in Public Health, or are you required to have your BSN? Will I need to have a few years of floor/med-surg nursing under my belt before I move onward? I also have my CHES (Certified Health Education Specialist)- is this worth anything in the realm of public health nursing? Any advice or insight would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   MandaRN94
    In California you will need your BSN and a PHN cert from the board of RN to work as a PHN. I believe other states do not require this but check with your own state.
  4. by   mariebailey
    [color=#231f20][color=#231f20][color=#231f20]i love a ches! you will make a great phn! it depends on the employer, but i encourage you to apply to positions even if the job description reads "bsn preferred".
    it varies from employer to employer what the degree requirements are for a phn position. i work at a local health department in va now, and there are ms, bsn, adn, and licensed diploma nurses all holding phn positions. the last local health dept where i was employed in co only hired rns holding bsns or ms/msn degrees. however, they did consider one applicant that was an adn and currently enrolled in a bsn bridge program. maybe you could consider working towards your bsn or ms part-time.
    fyi: the ana's phn scope and standards of practice does state "the baccalaureate degree in nursing is the educational credential for entry into public health nursing practice". it's something to bear in mind.
    good luck in you job search, and welcome to public health nursing!