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  1. Good Afternoon Nurses,
    I needed some advice on some good resource/online tools for a friend/coworker of mine. I am a School Nurse at an elementary school, however I also counsel and treat my staff members as needed. Our cafeteria manager informed me she was started on Insulin shots and metaformin yesterday for the first time ever. After speaking with her, I could tell she was not informed well at all at her Doctor visit. She had no knowledge of basic diabetic rules. I could not believe they did not have her meet with a diabetic educator, or dietician or anything. The doctor pretty much wrote the RX and said LATERS! How could they not have scheduled her a consult? Especially since she was just diagnosed with this? Anyway, I want to provide her with some good resources. Perhaps something online I can print out for her? A Food guide? Sick day rules? Anyone know of a good website?
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    American Diabetes Association Home Page - American Diabetes Association
    Managing Diabetes Sick Days: Nausea, Diarrhea, and Vomiting
    NIDDK Home : NIDDK --this one has nutrition info
    National Diabetes Education Program - Free Information to Prevent and Control Diabetes | NDEP

    She really needs to see if her doctor can refer her to a nutritionist or diabetes educator...hope the info. helps a little bit. Some states' health dept have info as well (don't know your state) and know of community outreach agencies that can help with medication/supply costs (the meters are usually free, but I have heard the strips are very expensive!). Good luck!