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Hello, As you all know, the plan is to get an MPH. I have already started the application process and picked a date for the GRE. I want to start Fall 2013. The issue I want an opinion on is the specialization. I think based on... Read More

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    Thanks Tmarie! Sounds like we have the same interests. I debated about MPH vs MSN and decided to do MSN in case I decide to teach in a nursing program in the future. I'm enjoying the classes so far and am doing the PH focus (epi, health policy, environmental heath, etc..) The classes are about 3/4 MPH students and 1/4 MSN students. I wanted to do a global health cert but the university doesn't offer it. Overall I am happy with my choice and the MSN program.

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    tnmarie or mercy, what kind of GRE scores do you need to get into an MPH program for Community Health...mine ended up not being so great...980 converted score combined (530 math, 450 verbal). What do you all think? Please be honest.

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